Starfish For Sale

Starfish are named after the obvious star shape.  They vary in size and color, but most Starfish have several or more arms, and all Starfish have many tiny feet that move them about.  Starfish are found in all environments and do well within a coral reef or rock reef.  Some will eat small invertebrates and coral, so some are reef safe and some are not.  Starfish are quite flexible and can maneuver in and around tight spaces.  If they fall … Read more

Sand Sifting Starfish

Astropecten polyacanthus

Sale Sand Sifting Starfish

African Red Knob (Red Tip) Starfish

Protoreaster lincki

Sale African Red Knob (Red Tip) Starfish

Blood Red Sea Lilly-Feather Star

Heterometra sp.

Sale Blood Red Sea Lilly-Feather Star

Blunt Spined Brittle Star

Ophiocoma echinata

Sale Blunt Spined Brittle Star

Banded Serpent Starfish - Caribbean

Ophiocoma sp.

Sale Banded Serpent Starfish - Caribbean

Conical Spined Starfish - Atlantic

Echinaster sentus

Sale Conical Spined Starfish - Atlantic

Marble Starfish: Red

Fromia sp.

Sale Marble Starfish: Red

Orange Linckia Starfish

Linckia sp.

Sale Orange Linckia Starfish

Red (Fromia) Starfish

Fromia sp.

Sale Red (Fromia) Starfish

Red Serpent Starfish

Ophioderma squamoisissinum

Sale Red Serpent Starfish

Sand Sifting Starfish Blue/Pink

Astropecten sp.

Sale Sand Sifting Starfish Blue/Pink

Basket Star

Astrophyton muricatum

Sale Basket Star

Cortez Starfish

Pentaceraster cumingi

Sale Cortez Starfish

Red and Black Star

Fromia sp.

Sale Red and Black Star

Feather Star: Colored

Himerometra sp.

Sale Feather Star: Colored

Tiger Brittle Star

Ophiolepsis / Ophioderma sp.

Sale Tiger Brittle Star

African Starfish - Indo Pacific

Protoreaster / Pentaceraster sp.

Sale African Starfish - Indo Pacific

Banded Lagoon Brittle Starfish

Ophiocoma scolopendrina

Sale Banded Lagoon Brittle Starfish

Queensland Biscuit Starfish

Anchitosia queenslandensis

Sale Queensland Biscuit Starfish

Red Knob Star

Echinaster echinophorus

Sale Red Knob Star

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