Lionfish For Sale

Stunning, amazing, gorgeous...and venomous, Lionfish are heralded for their beauty and grace. With long flowing dorsal fins, lionfish are unique in every way.  These predatory fish will stalk their prey, then using their mesmerizing fins to distract their meal,  they will take a single gulp and eat anything over half their own size!  The signature dorsal fins are well known to hold venom that protects the Lionfish from its own predators.  The Lionfish should be offered small meals of meaty …

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Volitan Lionfish

Pterois volitans

Sale Volitan Lionfish

Radiata Lionfish - Venomous

Pterois radiata

Sale Radiata Lionfish - Venomous

Mombasa Lionfish

Pterois mombasae

Sale Mombasa Lionfish

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