Frogfish For Sale

Frogfish are often forgotten because they are perfectly camouflaged whether on the sand bed or tucked within the coral reef, waiting patiently for their next meal.  They are ambush predators and they will eat just about anything passing by.   Depending on the species and environment, Frogfish can be intensely colored (living on a coral reef) or very blandly colored (living on a rock reef or sand bed).  Frogfish are compatible with most other same size or larger fish. Explore further …

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Yellow Leaf Fish

Taenianotus triacanthus

Sale Yellow Leaf Fish

Pygmy Red Rooster Waspfish

Paracentropogon zonatus

Sale Pygmy Red Rooster Waspfish

Shaggy (Hispid) Anglerfish

Antennarius hispidus

Sale Shaggy (Hispid) Anglerfish

Colored Toadfish

Halophryne sp.

Sale Colored Toadfish

Assorted Angler

Antennarius sp.

Sale Assorted Angler

Sargassum Angler

Histrio histrio

Sale Sargassum Angler

Black Angler

Antennarius commersoni

Sale Black Angler

Leaf Fish - Indo Pacific

Taenianotus sp.

Sale Leaf Fish - Indo Pacific

Rhinopias: Red/Purple

Rhinopias sp.

Sale Rhinopias: Red/Purple

Gumdrop Spotted Croucher - Red Sea

Caracanthus madagascariensis

Sale Gumdrop Spotted Croucher - Red Sea

Pygmy Tuberculated Frogfish

Antennatus tuberosus

Sale Pygmy Tuberculated Frogfish

Sea Goblin

Inimicus didactylus

Sale Sea Goblin

Scorpion Fish

Scopraenopsis sp.

Sale Scorpion Fish

Horned Barbfish

Scorpaena brasiliensis

Sale Horned Barbfish

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