Tangs For Sale

Tangs, also known as surgeonfish, are colorful and active marine fish commonly found in reef aquariums. In captivity, tangs can grow to varying sizes depending on the species, ranging from a few inches to over a foot in length. Their temperament can be somewhat peaceful, although some species may become territorial or aggressive, especially towards other tangs or similarly shaped fish. Despite this potential for aggression, tangs are often prized by aquarists for their beauty, unique swimming patterns, and their … Read more

Naso Tang

Naso lituratus

Sale Naso Tang

Powder Blue Tang

Acanthurus leucosternon

Sale Powder Blue Tang

Scopas Tang

Zebrasoma scopas

Sale Scopas Tang

Blue Hippo Tang: Yellow Belly

Paracanthurus hepatus

Sale Blue Hippo Tang: Yellow Belly

White Tail Yellow Eye Tang

Ctenochaetus flavicauda

Sale White Tail Yellow Eye Tang

Clown Tang

Acanthurus lineatus

Sale Clown Tang

Convict Tang

Acanthurus triostegus

Sale Convict Tang

Mustard Tang

Acanthurus guttatus

Sale Mustard Tang

Tennenti Tang

Acanthurus tennenti

Sale Tennenti Tang

Blonde Naso Tang

Naso Elegans

Sale Blonde Naso Tang

Desjardinii Sailfin Tang

Zebrasoma desjardinii

Sale Desjardinii Sailfin Tang

Sailfin Tang

Zebrasoma veliferum

Sale Sailfin Tang

Vlamingii Tang

Naso vlamingii

Sale Vlamingii Tang

Gold Rim Tang

Acanthurus nigricans

Sale Gold Rim Tang

Blue Eyed Tang

Ctenochaetus binotatus

Sale Blue Eyed Tang

Flame Fin (Tomini) Tang

Ctenocheatus tominiensis

Sale Flame Fin (Tomini) Tang

Mata Tang

Acanthurus mata

Sale Mata Tang

Striated (Orange Stripe) Tang

Ctenochaetus striatus

Sale Striated (Orange Stripe) Tang

Sawtail Tang - Indonesia

Prionurus sp.

Sale Sawtail Tang - Indonesia

Doctorfish Tang

Acanthurus chirurgus

Sale Doctorfish Tang

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