Blennies For Sale

Blennies are a calm, friendly, community fish. They are highly captivating and sought after, as they have a truly unique bubbly personality unlike any other type of marine fish.  Blennies will maintain a small territory in which they find a small place in the live rock to sleep and hide.  They do not do well with other Blennies unless they have a very large environment with places to roam and hide.  They accept a varied diet and prefer a few …

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Flametail Blenny

Ecsenius flavipes

Sale Flametail Blenny

Bicolor Blenny

Ecsenius bicolor

Sale Bicolor Blenny

Orange Spotted Blenny

Blenniella chrysospilos

Sale Orange Spotted Blenny

Canary Blenny: Yellow

Meiacanthus ovalaunensis

Sale Canary Blenny: Yellow

Scooter Blenny: Red

Synchiropus stellatus

Sale Scooter Blenny: Red

Striped Blenny - Captive Bred

Meiacanthus grammistes

Sale Striped Blenny - Captive Bred

Smith's Blenny

Meiacanthus smithi

Sale Smith's Blenny

Redlip Blenny

Ophioblennius macclurei

Sale Redlip Blenny

Blackline Blenny - Tank Raised

Meicanthus nigrolineatus

Sale Blackline Blenny - Tank Raised

Harptail Blenny - Aquacultured

Meiacanthus mossambicus

Sale Harptail Blenny - Aquacultured

Panamic Fanged Blenny

Ophioblennius steindachneri

Sale Panamic Fanged Blenny

Linear Blenny

Ecsenius lineatus

Sale Linear Blenny

Harptail Blenny

Meiacanthus mossambicus

Sale Harptail Blenny

Segmented Sailfin Blenny

Salarias segmentatus

Sale Segmented Sailfin Blenny

Forktail Blenny

Meiacanthus atrodorsalis

Sale Forktail Blenny

Flametail Blenny - Aquacultured

Ecsenius flavipes

Sale Flametail Blenny - Aquacultured

Ruby Red Dragonet

Synchiropus sp.

Sale Ruby Red Dragonet

Green Canary Blenny

Meiacanthus tongaensis

Sale Green Canary Blenny

Black Sailfin Blenny

Atrosalarias fuscus

Sale Black Sailfin Blenny

Starry Blenny

Salarias ramosus

Sale Starry Blenny

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